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    Enero, 2021

    A lack of information about the living customary systems that manage commons in Madagascar hampers efforts to identify the levels at which collectivities charged with allocating land and enforcing land claims should receive legal recognition. To help address this knowledge gap and inform ongoing legal reforms aimed at recognizing collective tenure, we reviewed relevant legal texts and field studies of Malagasy tenure systems.

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    Enero, 2022

    In the Colombian context, disputes over natural resources, mainly over land, and poor governance are intertwined with armed conflict. Although efforts to address this situation, including the 2016 peace agreement signed between Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC, by Spanish acronym) are underway, these disputes continue, affecting land use dynamics. Understanding the complexity and trends in land use conflicts, as well as the specific regional characteristics underlying differing land use changes across regions, is critical.

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    Enero, 2022

    This paper analyzes the complex relationships of factors influencing rangeland governance in the arid areas. A Bayesian Belief Network (BBN) model was developed in a participatory way to illustrate and assess the weight of a combination of environmental, social and institutional factors enabling the achievement of strengthened rangeland governance at a local level. The Bayesian model was applied in Tataouine situated in south of Tunisia. A complex diagram was built in a participatory way to illustrate the most important interactions between rangeland socioecological system components.

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    Enero, 2021

    On Earth, land is the most vital resource from which living things derive their essential necessities. There are many methods for managing and maintaining this vital resource in a sustainable manner, but it is more important to first understand the root cause of malfunctioning land management strategies. This chapter aims at understanding the underlying causes of socio-economic and policy-related factors affecting the sustainability of land tenure systems in Ethiopia.

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    Enero, 2022

    Natural calamities such as drought, famine, and climate change have collided to create a humanitarian crisis. For the Horn of Africa (HoA), famine is among the factors that have caused the worst historical damages to the individual countries. Man-made calamities such as decentralized agricultural, pastoral activities and forest clearing are also root causes for the damage. Institutional arrangements (IAs) on land tenure systems and agricultural land conversion (ALC) as a part of this problem will be analyzed in this paper.

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    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Diciembre, 2014
    Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, África austral

    The Chinyanja Triangle (CT) is an area inside the Zambezi

    River Basin, inhabited by Chinyanja-speaking people

    sharing a similar history, language and culture across

    the dryland systems of the eastern province of Zambia,

    southern and central regions of Malawi and Tete Province

    of Mozambique. Chiefs and Chiefdoms play a critical role

    in decision making and influencing social relationships. The

    Zambezi River, which originates in the Kalene Hills in Zambia

    is joined by ten big tributaries from six countries, and is

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Diciembre, 1999
    Pakistán, Asia meridional

    The final report of this project documents the lessons learned by researchers, social organizers, agency personnel and farmers. The project has demonstrated the willingness and ability of farmers and agency personnel to manage the land and water resources of the area jointly. The view of the researchers is that the small dams offer an excellent opportunity for the promotion of reforms in the irrigation sector.

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