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    An Act to provide for the preservation, interpretation and development of certain aspects of heritage property in Saskatchewan.

    Canadá, Américas, América Septentrional

    The purpose of the present Act is to provide for the preservation, interpretation and development of certain aspects of heritage property in Saskatchewan. Section 5 decrees that the Minister may establish a board to be known as the Saskatchewan Heritage Advisory Board which shall advise and make recommendations to the Minister on any matter relating to the conservation, protection and preservation of heritage property in the Province. Section 6 rules that the Saskatchewan Heritage Property Review Board is established.

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    Benin, África, África occidental

    La présente loi détermine les règles et les principes fondamentaux relatifs au régime foncier rural en République du Bénin. Elle s’applique au domaine privé rural de l’Etat et des collectivités territoriales ainsi qu’aux terres rurales appartenant aux personnes physiques ou morales de droit privé.

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    Micronesia, Oceanía

    This Act prescribes rules relative to the making of a valid will and the consequences of a will for inheritance of (real) property belonging to the person who made the will.

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    Micronesia, Oceanía

    This Chapter provides rules relative to the probate of inheritance of small estate. It sets out procedures for and content of complaints regarding the transfer of decedent’s property to beneficiaries and creditors. There is also a procedure if debts exceed the value of assets to be inherited. The transferee shall be personally responsible for any property received by him or her under any order issued pursuant to this Chapter, and any party claiming an interest in such property may, after demand, maintain, within a specified period, an action against the transferee.

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    Micronesia, Oceanía

    This Act prescribes rules of succession when a person dies without making a valid will or without otherwise disposing of his or her real and personal property of which that person has the right to dispose at the time of his death (“intestate succession”). The rules concern succession both in the case of heirs and without heirs of the intestate. In the latter case, the succession to any real property of the intestate shall be determined jointly by the local authority where the property is located and the Governor, or his or her authorized representative.

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    Tuvalu, Oceanía

    These Regulations, made under the Native Lands Ordinance, grant powers to the Tuvalu Lands Officer to administer native estates of deceased persons in case of non-existence of a will or non-valid will. This Officer may also be appointed by will or otherwise to be the administrator in case of death of a native ordinarily resident in Tuvalu. The Regulations further define powers and duties of the administrator and specify, in the Schedule, fees for administration of estates and costs in relation with distribution of a deceased person’s estate to beneficiaries.

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    Micronesia, Oceanía

    This Chapter concerns the procedures for the application for a permit “to excavate, fill or borrow” tidelands, defines traditional and customary rights of the people of the Chuuk State in respect of tidelands and the granting of (ownership) rights in respect of such land by the State to people of Chuuk. Tidelands within the meaning of the Chuuk Constitution are those marine lands from the shore to the face of the reef that are shallow enough for traditional fishing activity by women.

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    Being an Act to provide for surviving spouses, children, parents, relatives and other dependants of testate and intestate persons and to provide for other related matters.

    Sierra Leona, África occidental, África

    This Act makes provision with respect to intestate succession and succession by will of estates including land and land-related rights. The Act sets out rules relative to inheritance and related distribution of estates in the case a person dies without having made a will. The Act also defines offences against persons entitled to inheritance or related to the deceased person.

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    An Act to further amend the law of property and to relieve trustees.

    Bahamas, Américas, Caribe

    This Act makes provision for selected matters in relation with property and in particular immovable property.The Act provides rules relative to licensed activities in respect of leases and other effects of legal deeds or proceedings on lease, effects of release from a rentcharge or judgements of parts of hereditaments charged therewith on unreleased parts, executions of deeds, illegal practices with deeds, duties of trustees and executors in respect of existing leases and other matters regarding land under inheritance or intestate.

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    An Ordinance to declare the law relating to probate, administration and intestate succession.

    Islas Pitcairn, Oceanía

    This Ordinance concerns probate of will of a deceased person and the administration of deceased persons granted to an administrator by or without a will. Assets and liabilities of a deceased person shall be determined by the Supreme Court. The Court shall notify executors on probate of will and shall issue probate or letters of administration in accordance with provisions of this Ordinance. Unclaimed estate shall become property of the Crown. The Ordinance also provides for the division of intestate estates.

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