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    Marzo, 2012

    This summary report is the culmination
    of a comprehensive, more than a year-long, collaboration
    between the World Bank, Fiji Department of Social Welfare
    (DSW), Fiji Islands Bureau of Statistics (FIBOS) and AusAID.
    It reflects various activities undertaken under the work
    program that was agreed upon with the Government of Fiji
    (GOF), with financial support provided by AusAID under the
    Externally Funded Output (EFO) agreement with the World

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    Agosto, 2012

    Under the Vanuatu constitution, the
    'rules of custom shall form the basis of ownership and
    use of land.' Implementing this principle after decades
    of land alienation, however, has proved to be challenging.
    While the leasing arrangement was originally intended to
    restore investor confidence and maintain agricultural
    development in newly independent Vanuatu, it soon evolved
    into the method of acquiring new leases over previously

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    Marzo, 2013

    This report was prepared to provide
    information and analysis of the Samoan livestock sub-sector
    for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries through a
    technical assistance assignment financed by the World Bank.
    The Word Bank contributed technical assistance support to
    the Government of Samoa to help identify measures to
    strengthen agriculture sector institutions, to improve the
    performance of selected commodities - including in the

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    Marzo, 2013

    Numerous opportunities exist to improve
    the performance of Samoa's fresh fruit and vegetable
    (F&V) sector. Current per capita consumption appears to
    be low by regional and global standards indicating prospects
    for future demand growth and a need for increased awareness
    of the dietary benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption.
    A large share of the existing demand for fruits and
    vegetables is being met by imports and there appears to be

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    Marzo, 2014
    Australia, Brasil, Canadá, Francia, Alemania

    Transportation has always played a
    fundamental role in the formation of cities. Ports evolved
    where rivers flowed into the ocean or at the confluence of
    major rivers; sleepy outposts at the junction of major roads
    became bustling trading hubs. Although this relationship
    between transportation and development has been evident
    since the creation of the earliest urban societies, all
    previous conceptions of the city were made obsolete by the

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    Marzo, 2012
    Islas Salomón

    Economic growth in Solomon Islands since
    the end of civil conflict in 2003 has been driven by rapid
    expansion of the forestry sector and large increases in
    international aid flows. Stocks of natural forest logs are
    nearing exhaustion and, as the security situation improves,
    aid flows are likely to flatten off. The Solomon Islands
    Government asked the World Bank to investigate future growth
    prospects. This note summarizes the findings and presents a

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    Marzo, 2012

    Women's contributions to poverty
    reduction, economic growth, and private sector development
    are increasingly recognized globally. A growing amount of
    research demonstrates the link between women's
    empowerment and societal well-being. Yet research also
    indicates that woman's economic contributions continue
    to lag behind their achievements in health and education,
    and a variety of barriers still prevent women in many parts

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    Marzo, 2013

    The World Bank has provided technical
    assistance (TA) support to the Government of Samoa to help
    identify measures to strengthen agriculture sector
    institutions, to improve the performance of selected
    commodities - including livestock, fruits and vegetables and
    organic products - and to identify strategic agriculture
    infrastructure investments. This report provides information
    and analysis on opportunities for further development of

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    Marzo, 2013

    Over the last two decades Samoa has
    suffered major damage from two cyclones in 1990-91, minor
    damage from a third cyclone in 2004, and an earthquake
    tsunami in 2009. Changes in the scale and impact of these
    types of natural disasters are likely to be important
    consequences of climate change for the country because the
    increases in sea level and in average sea surface
    temperatures will increase theintensity and damage

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    Noviembre, 2013
    Islas Salomón

    From February 19 to 28, 2009, a World
    Bank team undertook a debt management performance assessment
    (DeMPA) mission to Honiara, Solomon Islands. The objective
    was to undertake a comprehensive assessment of debt
    management functions applying the DeMPA tool. The assessment
    reveals that the Solomon Islands meets the minimum
    requirements for effective debt management performance as
    specified by the DeMPA tool on the legal framework,

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