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    Botswana, África austral, África

    No person shall remove any natural resource from the Area under the jurisdiction of a District Council adopting these by-laws except under and in accordance with the terms and conditions of a removal permit (by-law 3). "Natural resources" includes firewood, gravel, sand, soil, stones, thatching, grass, veld product and river reeds. "Veld product" means any plant, root, fruit or tuber used either for consumption by humans or domestic animals or for medicinal or veterinary purposes (by-law 2).

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    República Centroafricana, África, África Central

    Il est créé un établissement public dénommé "Bureau National de Pédologie et de Conservation des Sols", chargé de: l'inventaire, l'interprétation et l'évaluation des ressources nationales en sols; le choix des zones à mettre en valeur; l'analyse des échantillons des sols.

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    Djibouti, África, África oriental

    Cette loi porte régime de base du domaine privé de l'Etat, dont font partie les terres vacantes et sans maître et celles acquises par l'Etat ou provenant de donations, héritages ou d'autres manières légales.

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    Burkina Faso, África, África occidental

    Ce décret détermine les conditions et les modalités d'application de la loi n° 014/96/ADP du 23 mai 1996 portant réorganisation agraire et foncière au Burkina Faso. Il est formé par 512 articles répartis en 5 parties: ....(I); Gestion du domaine foncier national (II); Réglementation des droits réels immobiliers (III); Dispositions transitoires (IV) et dispositions finales (V).

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    An Ordinance to make better provision for the preservation of public land for the purpose of its better utilisation and development and for the conservation of the natural resources thereof.

    Tanzania, África, África oriental

    The Minister may, by Order published in the Gazette, declare any area of public land to be a preserved area. Section 4 declares the Land Ordinance to apply to preserved areas.

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    Tanzania, África, África oriental

    The areas of land described in the Schedule are hereby declared to be planning areas for purposes of the Town and Country Planning Ordinance (para. 4). Subject to paragraphs 6 and 7 no development other than conservation and water-related activities shall be carried out within such area without a planning consent or contrary to a planning scheme prepared by the Minister (para. 5). "Water-related activities" includes tourism, aquarecreation, luxury beach hotels, boat and ship building, harbours, mining, security structures, and fishing (para. 3).

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    A Proclamation to reform the system of land tenure in Eritrea, to determine the manner of expropriating land for purposes of development and national reconstruction, and to determine the powers and the duties of the Land Commission.

    Eritrea, África, África oriental

    This Proclamation introduces a general land reform in Eritrea by formulating new rules respecting land tenure and land use. The text of the Proclamation consists of a Preamble and 59 articles which are divided into 5 sections: Section One defines terms such as "usufruct", "system of land tenure" and "land administrative body".The main set of rules relative to landownership and land tenure can be found in section Two. This Section (arts.

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    Tanzania, África, África oriental

    No person shall occupy or use more than three acres of land for urban farming. No person shall, except where that person practices zero grazing, graze his animal in an urban area (reg. 3). "Urban farming" means the carrying out of plant or animal husbandry activities as set out in the Schedule within statutory township boundaries. Regulation 4 prohibits farming which may cause nuisance in other zones as those destined for urban farming. (4 regulations)

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    Cabo Verde, África, África occidental

    This Act establishes the general bases of the Agricultural Reform. The first part deals with a historical view of Cape Verdean life illustrating the different and traditional ways of exploiting agriculture, livestock and all other resources. The Act establishes the bases for the organization and accomplishment of the agricultural reform.

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