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    Senegal, África occidental, África

    Toutes les terres non classées dans le domaine public, non immatriculées ou dont la propriété n'a pas été transcrite à la Convention des hypothèques à la date d'entrée en vigueur de la présente loi, constituent le domaine national. L'Etat détient les terres du domaine national en vue d'assurer leur utilisation et leur mise en valeur rationnelles, conformément aux plans de développement et aux programmes d'aménagement.

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    An Act to provide for the establishment of tribal Land Boards: to vest tribal land in such boards; to define the powers and duties of such boards and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

    Botswana, África austral, África

    The Act is divided into 13 Parts: Introductory (I); Land Boards (II); Application (IIa); Administration and appointment to land board service (IIb); Termination of Appointments and Retirements (IIc); Land Board Officers (IId); Offences and penalties (IIe); Land Board Service Commission (IIf); Grant of customary land rights (III); Grant of land rights under common law (IV); Land required for public purposes (V); Land Board Funds (VI); General (VII).There is established in respect of any tribe listed in the Fist Schedule a Land Board as a body corporate (sects. 3 and 9).

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    An Act to provide for land ownership, use and rights attached to land and matters connected or incidental thereto

    Tanzania, África, África oriental

    Preliminary (I); Public land (II); Right of occupancy to land (III); Right of ownership of trees (IV); Grants of public lands (V), Leases (VI); Termination of rights of occupancy (VII); Miscellaneous provisions (VIII).All land in Zanzibar is declared to be public land and is vested in the President (sect. 3). Land taken by the Government is declared to be confiscated land and any irregularities in acquisition shall be resolved through procedures under the Land Adjudication Act. Section 5 concerns easements on banks of waterways.

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    Burkina Faso, África, África occidental

    La présente loi fixe les principes et les modalités d’un développement durable, paisible et intégré des activités pastorales, agropastorales et sylvopastorales. Sont concernées par les dispositions de la présente loi, les activités d’élevage des espèces bovine, ovine, caprine, caméline, asine et équine. La loi est formée par 75 articles, repartis en 4 titres, à savoir: Dispositions générales (I); Exploitation des ressources naturelles aux fins du pastoralisme (II); Infractions, sanctions et procédures (III) et Dispositions finales (IV).

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    An Act to regulate the right to search for, mine and work minerals, and for other purposes realting thereto.

    Gambia, África occidental, África

    The Act consists of 93 sections divided into 9 Parts: General (I); Prospecting (II); Mining (III); Provisions regarding water (IV); Passageways (V); Dredging for minerals (VI); Surveys (VII); Possession and purchase of minerals (VIII); Miscellaneous provisions (IX).Section 3 vests the property of all minerals, mineral oils, rivers, streams and watercourses throughout The Gambia in the Crown. The Act does not apply to mineral oils. The Governor-General may close areas closed for prospecting. Prospected or mining is limited further under section 8.

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    An Act to provide for the conservation of the soil and fertility and for the eradication of barcken fern and other prescribed vegetation.

    Seychelles, África, África oriental

    This Act empowers the Director of Agriculture to make Land Preservation Orders under section 3 for purposes set out in subsection 2 of section 3. In such Orders the Director may, for reasons of protection of soil and other preservation of land, prohibit, regulate or control braking or clearing of land for cultivation, grazing of livestock, and the destruction of vegetation and may require or regulate afforestation, protection of slopes or catchment areas, drainage of land, supervision of abandoned land, and the use of land for agricultural purposes.

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    Seychelles, África, África oriental

    The President may authorize land reclamation by owners of land bordering the foreshore. Before authority is granted the procedure as set out in the First Schedule shall be followed as far as possible. Any reclamation authorized shall be carried out by and to the complete satisfaction of the Director of Public Works. These provisions shall apply also to the Crown where the foreshore borders form part of the domaine public. The reclaimed land shall become property of the Crown as part of the domaine privé.

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    Etiopía, África, África oriental

    A Proclamation to provide for the utilization of urban land. Urban land is defined as all land within urban boundaries (art. 2). The Proclamation shall apply to urban land held by a permit system, or by lease-hold system, as well as by other means in force prior to those systems (art. 3). Urban land may be held in long-term lease by permit in accordance with plan guidelines, on auction or through negotiation on the basis of a decision of the Region or city concerned (art. 4). A leasehold deed shall be conferred upon a person who is permitted to hold land on lease.

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    Decreto-Lei n. 32/87.

    Santo Tomé y Príncipe, África, África Central

    This Decree-Law, composed of 39 articles, rules on State’s withdrawal from the management of production units. To this end, it stipulates that the Government shall implement development programmes, as well as define the guidelines for the zoning of the production units to be assigned. The Decree-Law indicates the procedures for State withdrawal, the applicable concession regime, the forbidden property concessions, and the admitted applicants.

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    An Act to provide and promote the enhancement, protection and conservation of the environment, sustainable management of natural resources and matters incidental thereto.

    Esuatini, África austral, África

    The objectives of this Act are to establish a framework for environmental protection and the integrated management of natural resources on a sustainable basis; to transform the Swaziland Environment Authority into a body corporate, to establish the Swaziland Environment Fund; and to provide for various other matters to environment protection.The Act consists of 90 sections divided into 11 Parts: Introductory Provisions (I); Fundamental Purpose and Principles (II); Administration (III); Integrated Environmental Management (IV); Pollution Control (V); Waste Management (VI); International Matt

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