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    Febrero, 2013

    The bank has a long relationship with
    Uruguay's agricultural sector, expanding over a period
    of more than 60 years in which several projects and various
    analytical and advisory assistance initiatives have been
    implemented. The main purposes of the present report are: a)
    to analyze the main characteristics of family agriculture as
    well as its development potential and constraints; b) to
    examine Uruguay's current agricultural policy and

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    Agosto, 2013

    This report focuses on understanding key
    issues related to poverty, vulnerability and social policy
    in the context of a changing Uruguayan economy. Because the
    country is highly urbanized (90 percent), and data on rural
    areas are scant, most of the analysis in this study focuses
    on urban areas. Chapter 1 presents a profile of poverty and
    its trends in the nineties using household survey data.
    Chapter 2 looks at changes in the structure of the economy

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    Agosto, 2013

    The report reviews the macroeconomic
    perspectives of Uruguay, focused on its rural development
    and natural resources intensive sectors, to form the basis
    for expanding agricultural production, and increasing
    productivity. It reviews the country's sectoral
    composition, exports of natural resource intensive products,
    and labor and capital use, as well as the tax burden.
    Although agriculture represents less than ten percent of the

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    Informes e investigaciones

    Some reports and articles on Burma

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Noviembre, 1996

    Situation to the end of 1996

  6. Library Resource
    Informes e investigaciones
    Noviembre, 1998

    Situation to end 1998

  7. Library Resource
    Informes e investigaciones
    Noviembre, 1997

    Situation to end 1997

  8. Library Resource
    Informes e investigaciones
    Noviembre, 2001

    Situation to end 2001

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    The competing senate and house agriculture committee bills of July 2012

    Publicación revisada por pares
    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Diciembre, 2012
    Estados Unidos de América
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    Informes e investigaciones
    Diciembre, 2011

    Since ICARDA’s inception in 1977, the United States has been the single biggest donor to the center’s research and capacity development programs.
    The benefits of this significant investment by US partners are dramatically increased crop yields and thus enhanced food security, improved livelihoods for large numbers of farmers, and the large-scale capacity building of farmers and national institutions.

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