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    CAP 20:10

    Mayo, 1992

    An Act to empower the President and other authorities to acquire land and other immovable property compulsorily in certain circumstances; to make special provision for the compensation payable for agricultural land required for resettlement purposes;to provide for the establishment of the Derelict Land Board;to provide for thedeclaration and acquisition of derelict land;and to provide for matters connected withor incidental to the foregoing.

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    Agosto, 2015

    Decreto Legislativo que aprueba la Ley Marco de Adquisición y Expropiación de inmuebles,transferencia de inmuebles de propiedad del Estado, liberación de Interferencias y dicta otras medidas para la ejecución de obras de infraestructura.

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    Enero, 1998

    To provide for the prohibition of unlawful eviction; to provide for procedures for the eviction of unlawful occupiers; and to repeal the Prevention of Illegal Squatting Act, 1951, and other obsolete laws; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

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    Australia, Oceanía

    This Regulation implements the Land Title Act 1994. It specifies the location of offices of the land registry, the forms to be used in the office of the land registry and the fees payable under the Act. The Regulation is completed by two Schedules, one on offices of the land registry and one on fees.

    Implements: Land Title Act 1994. (2017-05-19)
    Repealed by: Land Title Regulation 2015. (2017-10-06)
    Repeals: Land Title Regulation 1994. (2004-07-01)

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    An Act to deal with transitional and consequential matters relating to the enactment of the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 and to amend the Native Title Act 1993, and for related purposes.

    Australia, Oceanía

    This Act provides for transitional and consequential matters relating to the enactment of the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006. It amends the Native Title Act 1993, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2005, the Aboriginal Land (Lake Condah and Framlingham Forest) Act 1987, the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 and some other Acts.

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    Fiji, Oceanía

    This Act amends the Local Government Act in provisions concerning, among other things, a notice of proposal to alter municipal boundaries, municipal councils, joint committees, procedures of councils, finance, rating of (agricultural) land, general powers and duties of councils, private drainage and regulation-making powers of councils.

    Amends: Local Government Act (Cap. 125). (1983)

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    Rumania, Europa oriental, Europa

    The present Law sets the regulatory framework for carrying out activities concerning electricity and heat, optimization of the primary energy sources in compliance with the environmental protection norms.

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    Marzo, 2005
    Europa, Europa septentrional, Reino Unido

    The Regulations establish a scheme (the “Environmental Stewardship”) under which the Secretary of State may make grants for the management of land. Regulation 3 enables the Secretary of State to make a grant to any person who enters into, and complies with, the conditions of an environmental stewardship agreement with the Secretary of State. The agreement must require the beneficiary to carry out an activity which is conducive to a specified purpose on land in which he has an interest. It also provides for the variation of the conditions of such agreements.

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    Marzo, 2005
    Europa, Europa septentrional, Reino Unido

    This Order amends the Environmental Protection Act 1990 in so far as it relates to the Joint Nature Conservation Committee ("the JNCC"). It removes certain burdens upon the Countryside Council for Wales, English Nature and Scottish Natural Heritage and on the JNCC, by relieving these Councils of various support roles and enabling the JNCC to do things for itself. Section 129(1) of the Act allows the Secretary of State, with Treasury approval, to make grants to the Councils. Article 3 amends this, so that such grants may be made directly to the JNCC.

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