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Meridia was founded in 2015 (then called Landmapp) with the intent to provide affordable land documentation to the people who need it the most, families living off land in places like Ghana and Indonesia. These families are smallholder farmers, the very ones producing the worlds food, such as rice, coffee, cocoa, palm oil and team.

Meridia has teams on the ground in East- & West Africa and Asia. They specialize in bringing together local communities, policy makers, food companies and NGO’s to put ideas into action. They understand the food industry and are experts in the nuances driving their value chains. They work with governments and traditional authorities to ensure strict compliance with regulation and practice.

Meridia can deliver land mapping and land titling at scale, fast and with exceptionally accurate data. They are already in collaboration with a large number of global food companies, multilateral organisations and donors to provide affordable mapping and land titling at massive scale.

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