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Community / Land projects / Growing of medicinal plants for the production of biopesticides

Growing of medicinal plants for the production of biopesticides


12/19 - 07/20


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Increasing attention is nowadays given to biological aspects in plant production, and in particular with regard to plant protection. Biological processes are an increasingly used method of controlling harmful organisms. Organic crop production, but also conventional phytoproduct cultivation, is one of the alternative ways of land management, minimizing environmental damage to the environment. It is a modern and dynamically developing way of growing plants, trying to get as close as possible to nature. Efforts to complement the plant protection product portfolio with biological products are also in line with the current strategy not only within the EU but also worldwide efforts to eliminate pesticide use. At present, pesticides cannot be completely replaced by biological agents. The limiting factor is the low biological activity of the formulations and their limited number. Therefore, efforts to acquire and synthesize new natural products and biological active substances based on bioagens or bioanalogues of natural compounds are increasingly supported in research and national programs. Secondary goals: • promoting primary agricultural production and processing of agricultural products and ensuring sustainable rural development • increasing the employment of the region • Reducing health and environmental risks • to find potential producers of medicinal plants for the production of biopesticides

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