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Institutional and promotional materials for an organization, such as annual reports and brochures.

Materiais institucionais e promocionais
Dezembro 1977

IDRC document. Report on agriculture in Honduras - discusses agricultural production, land tenure and agricultural research policy; includes agricultural statistics and bibliography.

Materiais institucionais e promocionais
Dezembro 2010

This e-newsletter issue argues for the prioritization of Sustainable Land management (SLM), given the dependency of the livelihoods of local communities on land and land resources.

Materiais institucionais e promocionais
Dezembro 2012
África Oriental

The objective was to improve agricultural productivity and increase rural income and

Materiais institucionais e promocionais
Dezembro 2010

Ten IDRC-supported community forestry projects in six countries were selected for this synthesis study. A sizable part of the rural population in these countries are designated as ‘encroachers’ or ‘trespassers’ in the ‘forest.’ Many of these forest users claim long standing customary rights to the area, some of which are formally recognized in state law, but seldom in practice.

Materiais institucionais e promocionais
Dezembro 2009

Though only at its mid-term, the project has been successful in policy influence, securing funding which for the first time will be used for forest and pastoral plantations on farmers’ land, without expropriating them, and thus assuring joint responsibility for proper management.

Materiais institucionais e promocionais
Abril 2019

This detailed evaluation of the Governance and Justice (GJ) Program (formerly Governance, Security and Justice - GSJ) takes stock of progress in programme delivery and reflects on potential modifications, both programmatically and institutionally, that can be brought to the GJ Program design going forward.

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