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LandUP! Podcast

LandUP! Podcast   
Through the LandUP! podcast we aim to provide fresh, outside perspectives on why land hasn’t mattered as much as it should in sustainable development and what we can do to change that. By exiting the current land silo and asking outsiders about failures and successes, we challenge the land community to raise its game and make the global development world take note of the value of land. 


LandUP! includes interviews with researchers, practitioners, community leaders and beyond.  The podcast is a joint initiative of the Land Portal Foundation and Prindex and episodes will be published periodically to this page.  


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8 Março 2022

Este episódio de LandUP! aborda um tema muitas vezes negligenciado ao discutir os direitos das mulheres viúvas à terra. As mulheres viúvas enfrentam obstáculos e desafios muito diferentes quando se trata de acesso à terra e este momento de suas vidas vale a pena explorar.

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