Characterization of two fattening system of race Burguete colts: lechales and quincenos | Land Portal

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Dezembro 2009
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At present the Race Burguete is regarded as Breed in danger of extinction. The products marketed can be classified in Lechal (the colt once weaned enters the fattener) and Quinceno (foals that once weaned remain several months at grazing and around 15 months of age are fattening). The aim of this work is to characterize both systems of production and to obtain data on the behaviour of the race in order to advise farmers belonging to the association. A total of 22 Burguete colts, 12 lechales and 10 quincenos, were slaughtered. Both cases included males and females. During the fattening period, food consumption per lot and monthly weight of each colt were monitored. On the basis of these data, the rate of feed transformation and the average daily gain were calculated. Live slaughter weight and carcass weight were recorder at the slaughterhouse. The fattening of quincenos foals implies lower occupation of facilities and lower consumption of feed per kg of live weight gain, probably due to a compensatory growth that is also reflected in a greater average daily profit. The choice of fattening system depends, first, on the existence of grassland and/or adequate facilities for a longer fattening period; and second, on the market prices both of raw materials and the final product, although the first seems to affect more the decision-making.

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Eguinoa, P., Instituto Técnico y de Gestión Ganadero, Villava, Navarra (España)
Villanueva, M., Instituto Técnico y de Gestión Ganadero, Villava, Navarra (España)
Pérez de Muniain, A., Instituto Técnico y de Gestión Ganadero, Villava, Navarra (España)


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