The Forestry Commission of Ghana | Land Portal
Phone number: 
+233 302 401210, 401227, 401216


Postal address: 
P. O. Box MB 434 Accra-Ghana
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The Forestry Commission of Ghana is responsible for the regulation of utilization of forest and wildlife resources, the conservation and management of those resources and the coordination of policies related to them.

The Commission embodies the various public bodies and agencies that were individually implementing the functions of protection, management, the regulation of forest and wildlife resources. These agencies currently form the divisions of the Commission:

  • Forest Services Division
  • Wildlife Division
  • Timber Industry Development Division
  • Forestry CommissionTraining Centre
  • Resource Management Support Centre

We aim to be a corporate body of excellence in the the sustainable development management and utilization of Ghana's forest and wildlife resources meeting both national and global standards for forest and wildlife resource conservation and development.

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