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The University of East London (UEL) is a public university in the London Borough of Newham, London, England, based at three campuses in Stratford and Docklands, following the opening of University Square Stratford in September 2013. The university's roots can be traced back to 1892 when the West Ham Technical Institute was established. It gained university status in 1992.

As of October 2015 it has more than 19,000 students from 120 countries.


Source: Wikipedia (consulted d.d. February 26th 2018)

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Women and Land in the Muslim World cover image

Pathways to increase access to land for the realization of development, peace and human rights

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Fevereiro, 2018
Egito, Marrocos, Tunísia, Níger, Senegal, Indonésia, Malásia, Afeganistão, Bangladesh, Maldivas, Iraque, Jordânia, Líbano, Palestina, Emirados Árabes Unidos, Global

This publication provides practical and evidence-based guidance on how to improve women’s access to land as an essential element to achieve social and economic development and enjoyment of human rights, peace and stability in the specific context of the Muslim world. The challenges faced by women living in Muslim contexts do not substantially differ from those faced by women in other parts of the world: socially prescribed gender roles, unequal power dynamics, discriminatory family practices, unequal access to justice are the most common.

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