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University of Primorska (Slovenian Univerza na Primorskem) is the third university in Slovenia. It is located in KoperIzola, and Portorož and is named for the Slovenian Littoral region, where it is located.

Source: Wikipedia (consulted d.d. February 23rd 2018)

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Library Resource
Publicação revisada por pares
Junho, 2014

This article presents the architecture, features, and operating mode of a DSS (Decision Support System) aiming to assist entrepreneurs and managers in the process of location decision making. The research assembled concepts derived from theory, findings of empirical studies, together with open GIS (Geographical Information System) software and data, and modelled them into a DSS software tool, according to an original methodology and design.

Library Resource
Publicação revisada por pares
Março, 2013

The article highlights the benefits of adopting the practice of long-term planning with the aim of helping decision makers and politicians to include scenario thinking in the process of determining food security in Israel, 2050. This study addresses the question of food security, a step that is in contrast with agricultural planning considerations of the past that have mainly focused on maximizing profits or relied on a closed mathematical model.

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