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Foto: movimento Munduruku Ipereg Ayu
7 Maio 2021
América Latina e Caribe
América do Sul

Povo Munduruku em assembleia. Foto: movimento Munduruku Ipereg Ayu

Assembleia geral do povo reuniu 72 caciques e mais de 500 Munduruku, representando 140 aldeias. “Estão usando nosso nome”, denuncia carta

Fonte: Agencia Para
3 Maio 2021
América do Sul
Alertas gerados pela ferramenta tecnológica permitem ações mais eficientes da Secretaria
7 Maio 2021
América Latina e Caribe

A Survival International lançou hoje (Dia da Terra, 22 de abril) uma nova campanha para impedir o plano de transformar 30% do planeta em “áreas protegidas” até 2030.





Mozambique has the potential to be a major supplier of baobab powder and oil and Baobab Products Mozambique is leading the way. We are bringing high quality organically certified products to national and international markets while making sure that the benefits from this trade are shared fairly with suppliers and their communities. (

Forest Right Act. Org is a dedicated website for forest rights act information in India. The website is managed by Vasundhara organisation. 

Tropenbos International logo

Tropenbos International envisions a future in which forests and trees are used sustainably for the benefit of local people and the global community. By using evidence to make conscious choices and finding the right balance between the needs of all the stakeholders involved, we contribute to sustainable solutions for forested landscapes.

Tropenbos International (TBI) brings the knowledge together to address complex questions regarding sustainable management of forests and trees, organizes interactions with all the stakeholders and actively helps to create broad support.

wrm logo

The World Rainforest Movement (WRM) is an international initiative that aims to contribute to struggles, reflections and political actions of forest-dependent peoples, indigenous, peasants and other communities in the global South. WRM is part of a global movement for social and environmental justice and respect for human and collective rights.

Its main role is to support struggles that defend the collective rights and self-determination of indigenous peoples and peasant communities who live in and with the forest over their territories, lives and cultures.

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