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Community / Land projects / FLC: Pastoralist Land Right Project

FLC: Pastoralist Land Right Project


06/15 - 12/17


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This is the continuation of the project which started last year. TPCF work with others to ensure that pastoralist rights and interests are safeguarded in Tanzania Mainland. The main objectives of the project are: to enable peaceful dialogue on land rights among pastoralist and other land users to reduce tension and allow joint efforts to look for sustainable solution on land base conflict in the targeted districts by June 2016. Minimized land resources base conflicts among land users by enabling villages su rvey and land use planning in Loliondo villages by May 2016 and improve community rights to access control and benefit on land resources for all groups in Loliondo. main activities include: Consultative workshops on land rights awareness for bordering vill ages sessions; Facilitate land conflict resolutions at the villages and peace building; Village land borders survey and to facilitate sustainable land use plan in the villagestargeted groups include: Local councilors/village and District; wards land tribun als; District land and housing tribunal; traditional leaders in the respective wards; expert land surveyor from the District land office. the final results of the activities will include: Sustainable land use planning amicable and permanent resolution for land conflict s in Loliondo; Peace strengthens among Pastoralists and Agriculture communities in District of Kiteto Mvomero and Western Kilimanjaro in Longindo