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Community / Land projects / Smallholder Market-led Project (SMLP)

Smallholder Market-led Project (SMLP)


02/16 - 03/22


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The purpose of the project is to enhance food and nutrition security and incomes among smallholder producer families of 10,355 households through diversified agricultural production and market linkages in the rain-fed Middleveld and Lowveld areas of the Lubombo and Shiselweni regions. On land and natural resource governance, the Chief's Letter of Consent will be used as means to transform communal grazing land in land for commercial agriculture and as a means to give specific groups of smallholders the usufruct of such land in return for guarantees on sustainable use. In parallel to the CDC-led appraisals, the Project will prepare GIS base maps recording land use and land resources from available remote sensing information and other existing secondary sources.