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Support for land governance -Tchad


07/20 - 11/20


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Since few years, the government in Chad is engaging in a land reform process aimed at the revision and endorsement of a new land law. Oxfam, Land@Scale (a Dutch initiative on responsible land governance), FAO, the World Bank are supporting the governmentin Chad in this reform process. Oxfam is playing a monitoring role to make sure that the reform is inclusive with an active CSO#s participation, and compliant with the international principles and standards on responsible land governance. Oxfam#s initiatives focus on strengthening the capacities of the CSOs in Chad in order to guarantee an active participation in the land reform process, creating the conditions for fair dialogue between the citizens and the national and local government on gender sensitive responsible land governance in Chad. To this aim, Oxfam is seeking for funding and partnership opportunities, including the Dutch Land@Scale, and the EU IEDHH. These projects are currently under negotiation. in order to support a good planning of theinception phases, or finalizing the full proposal (IEDHH). With Oxfam Novib#s support, Oxfam in Chad will mobilize national expertise to support the finalization of 1) a detailed proposal for IEDHH and 2) the elaboration of a detailed plan for Land@Scale.

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