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Community / Land projects / Sustainable Land Management Project

Sustainable Land Management Project


11/13 - 04/19


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To reduce land degradation and improve land productivity in selected watersheds in targeted regions in Ethiopia, the project support several land tenure related acitivities. First, it supports the review, harmonization and revision of the legislative, policy and regulatory frameworks for sustainable land and water management at the federal, regional and woreda levels. The review would cover the body of environmental legislation that relates to the use and management of Ethiopia’s natural resources, in particular the Rural Land Administration and Land Use Proclamation. Second, it supports the development of a harmonized land information system and the strengthening of the institutional and policy regimes for geo-referenced rural land administration, land use and certification. And third, it aims to strengthen the security of tenure of smallholder farmers as an incentive to increase the adoption of sustainable land and water management technologies and practices. Activities include: Developing standards and harmonized procedures, guidelines for cadastral surveying and land registration; Creating awareness about standards, procedures and guidelines for cadastral surveying and land registration; Undertaking cadastral surveying and land registration for individual, institutional and communal land holders; Updating and upgrading land records; Issuing land certificates to smallholder farmers and communities in all intervention areas.