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How to Report  On SDG Land Targets in 2021:  Introductory Session for Government Partners
26 Octubre 2020


Estados Unidos

All the UN member states have committed to achieve the Sustainable Development Targets by 2030. However, there is a clear gap between what is being committed and the delivery of the commitments. For example, in 2020 National Voluntary Reports only seven countries reported on specific land targets. No country reported on the all three key land targets.

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The Journal of Administrative Science (JAS) is an international, interdisciplinary journal aims to prompt discussion, sharing and debate on topical issues of particular interest or concern in the developed and developing world. It deliberates the theoretical and empirical articles that incorporate with the administrative science issues from interrelated disciplinary standpoints. The journal welcomes contributions from scholars from the humanities and social sciences with a research interest in the developed and developing world.

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