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acaparamiento de tierras

Large-scale acquisition of farmland (over 1,000 ha) whether by purchase , leases or other means.

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[via UN-HABITAT] How can we judge if a land tool is responsive to both women and men’s needs?

Despite progress on women’s rights, rights to land and security of tenure are not enjoyed equally by women and men in many parts of the world. This goes against international human rights, and also impacts negatively on households and the economy.


Communities of Grand Cape Mount, Liberia

March 25th, 2013

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Appetite for land" (pdf, 225 KB) Large-Scale Foreign Investment in Land
Available in German (pdf, 265 KB) and French (pdf, 270 KB)

Informes e investigaciones

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A global alliance of civil society and intergovernmental organisations working together to promote secure and equitable access to and control over land for poor women and men through advocacy, dialogue, knowledge sharing and capacity building...
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The International Land Coalition (ILC) believes that a fair and effective monitoring of ongoing conversion and fragmentation of rangeland ecosystems is needed in order to provide a thorough understanding of the trends and their implications – and also to enhance informed and participatory decision making on land use and investments in ran

Informes e investigaciones

A global coalition of 14 Partners and over 120 international, regional and community organizations advancing forest tenure, policy, and market reforms.....

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Este artículo indaga el modo en que las resistencias sociales manifiestan los vínculos entre la cooperación Sur-Sur de China y el acaparamiento de tierras (land grabbing). Con ese fin, se realiza un estudio de caso del proyecto Xai-Xai en Mozambique.


La Coalition Internationale sur les Terres (ILC) pense qu’un suivi raisonnable et efficace des conversions et de la fragmentation en cours des ecosystèmes de parcours est indispensable pour permettre une compréhension approfondie des tendances actuelles et de leurs implications, et également pour promouvoir

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