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Abril 2024

The need for further discussion on territoriality in the context of rural development, driven by the political forces of globalization and the economic and social transformations within nations, comes as no surprise. It arises from the necessity to adapt methodologies, instruments, and activities to meet the new demands imposed by these changes and their unintended consequences.

Enero 2024

Spanning four villages- Amei, Lolera, Lembapuli and Lesoit- and covering an expansive 81,237 hectares, the ALLOLE shared grazing land cluster stands as the largest in Kiteto District, Tanzania.

Enero 2024
Estados Unidos de América

Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG 2), Zero Hunger, by 2030 is in jeopardy due to slowing and unequal economic growth, climate shocks, the COVID-19 pandemic, conflict, lackluster efforts toward investing in food system sustainability and agricultural productivity growth, and persistent barriers to open food trade.

Enero 2024

There is a paucity of scientific information regarding gender norms and social transformation in the Sub-Saharan region. This has contributed to the insufficient articulation of gender issues in the proposed agricultural programmes and visions, such as the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the Malabo Declaration.

Enero 2024

Persistent gender inequalities challenge theory and praxis of community-based collective action. Here we adopt an innovative approach which integrates environmental justice, value chain inclusion and collective action theory to diagnose inequalities in community- based organizations (CBOs) and identify strategies to address them.

Enero 2024

Women’s and men’s opportunities are influenced by gender norms which shape their respective behaviours, roles and decision-making power. Gender norms thus influence farming outcomes and the ability of women and men to secure their livelihood objectives. We study gender norms and normative change in a smallholder farming community in Uganda.

Enero 2024

Sustainable intensification practices suitable for smallholders in southern Africa will be needed to counteract the impact of future climate change and soil fertility decline in the region. Diversification of maize-based farming systems with grain legumes could play a key role.

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Al finalizar 2021, los impactos del Covid-19 en el Ecuador se evidenciaron en diversos ámbitos.
14 Febrero 2022

Al finalizar 2021, los impactos del Covid-19 en el Ecuador se evidenciaron en diversos ámbitos. La inseguridad alimentaria, la fragilidad del medio rural y las brechas de género son realidades en las que la pandemia ha causado profundos estragos en el país.

1 Junio 2020

Los objetivos de desarrollo sustentable (SDG, por sus siglas en inglés) 1.4.2 y 5.A.1 hacen referencia al fortalecimiento de los derechos a la tierra y a la propiedad de la mujer como un elemento fundamental para la reducción de la pobreza y su empoderamiento.

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