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Publicación revisada por pares
Agosto 2020

Diversified livelihoods combining farming, livestock keeping and non-farm income are characteristic of many rural households worldwide. For the Central Asian and Caucasian region, livestock keeping is especially important in terms of land use and socio-cultural heritage.

Publicación revisada por pares
Junio 2020

Ecosystem services in oil palm plantations owned by smallholders in four villages in the Riau Province, Indonesia were identified and valued. Nine provisioning, three regulating and maintenance, one cultural ecosystem service, and a single ecosystem dis-service, were identified from interviews with 62 farming households.

Rapport IFPRI
Informes e investigaciones
Abril 2020

Nos systèmes alimentaires vivent un moment critique : l’ampleur et le rythme des changements qu’ils subissent au niveau mondial, régional, national et local sont sans précédent. Ils évoluent rapidement pour s’adapter à une demande croissante et changeante, mais ils ne répondent pas aux besoins de chacun.

Informes e investigaciones
Diciembre 2019

This document prepared by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) identifies strategic opportunities with the goal of contributing to the transformation of rural Lesotho towards a more resilient and economically productive environment that allows its population to sustain their livelihoods and overcome poverty and malnutrition. It sets out to identify initiatives which can co

Artículos de revistas y libros
Mayo 2019
África septentrional

Tunisia, like many other countries, suffers from land degradation. Conservation agriculture is among the proper solutions to overcome this issue. The objective of our investigation is to determine the factors that influence the adoption of CA in Siliana, one of Tunisia’s most affected regions by erosion.

Materiales institucionales y promocionales
Diciembre 2018
África oriental

Double up legumes is intercropping two legumes (in this case groundnut and pigeonpea) that have different growth habits and takes advantages of beneficial interactions of the two legumes on the same piece of land.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Diciembre 2018

Land use decision making is influenced by various factors including tenure security, natural disasters and farm characteristics. Smallholder farmers operate under different land tenure systems, which influences their crop combinations.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Febrero 2017

On February 2, 2017, Philippine Environment Secretary Gina Lopez, who has the full backing of the country’s controversial president Duterte, announced the closure of 23 large-scale mining operations.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Diciembre 2016

In 2012, the Government of Myanmar passed the Farmland Law and the Vacant, Fallow, Virgin Land Law, with an aim to increase investment in land through the formalization of a land market.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Diciembre 2013
Viet Nam

The rubber tree is native to the humid tropics and has traditionally been cropped in the equatorial zone between 108Nand 108S; in mainland Southeast Asia this includes portions of southern Thailand, southeastern Vietnam, and southern Myanmar.

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1 Junio 2020
América Latina y el Caribe

Las organizaciones indígenas y de la agricultura familiar, campesina y comunitaria de América Latina no se han quedado de brazos cruzados ante la crisis desatada por el Covid-19. Organizadas frecuentemente a través de redes, las poblaciones rurales están demostrado una vez más su gran resiliencia e implementando medidas de distinto tipo para responder a la pandemia.