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Noviembre 2014
Sri Lanka

Initiated by an international packaging company and a local retailer enterprise a project was set up in the Jaffna district in 2013 supported by the GIZ “development partnerships with the private sector” (develoPPP) initiative. The project aims at an increased quality and quantity of milk production and medium-term coverage of the regional demand.

Conflict, forced displacement and health in Sri Lanka: a review of the research landscape
Publicación revisada por pares
Noviembre 2014
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has recently emerged from nearly three decades of protracted conflict, which came to an end five years ago in 2009. A number of researchers have explored the devastating effect the conflict has had on public health, and its impact on Sri Lanka’s health system - hailed as a success story in the South Asian region.

Octubre 2014
Sri Lanka

The Act, consisting of 25 sections, makes provisions to stipulate restrictions on the alienation of lands in Sri Lanka to foreigners, foreign companies and certain institutions with foreign shareholding; to specify the circumstances where the exemptions are granted; to impose a Land Lease Tax for leasing lands to foreigners, foreign companies and certain institutions with foreign shareholding;

Agosto 2014
Sri Lanka

This report assesses Sri Lanka's
experience with decentralization to date and discusses
options for decentralization and implications for service
delivery in three sectors: roads, solid waste and health.
The selected sectors illustrate the considerations relevant

Informes e investigaciones
Julio 2014
Sri Lanka
Papua Nueva Guinea

Driving Dispossession: The Global Push to “Unlock the Economic Potential of Land,” sounds the alarm on the unprecedented wave of privatization of natural resources that is underway around the world.

Junio 2014
Sri Lanka

Since 2004, Sri Lanka has pursued inward
looking policies that have encouraged import substitution,
especially with respect to agricultural commodities. This
report provides empirical evidence to inform the policy
dialogue over the impact of current trade and price policies

Artículos de revistas y libros
Diciembre 2013
Sri Lanka

Many of the negative consequences of dam-related involuntary displacement of affected communities can be overcome by careful planning and by providing resettlers with adequate compensation. In this paper the resettlement scheme of the Kotmale Dam in Sri Lanka is revisited, focusing on resettlers' positive perceptions.

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