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Journal Articles & Books
Junio 2018

This handbook has been prepared for the training workshop on innovative methods of amelioration and use of salt-affected soils, which takes place in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in September 2017. This workshop is conducted within the framework of the Implementation Plan of the Eurasian Soil Partnership,…

Reports & Research
Octubre 2017

This document presents the Strategic Plan of the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas for the period from 2017 to 2026. ICARDA’s mission is to enhance food, water, and nutritional security and environmental health in the face of global challenges, including climate…

Journal Articles & Books
Junio 2017

This paper examines the roles of the state, international organisations and the public in pastoral land reform in the Central Asian republics and Mongolia. In recent years new legislation has been passed in most of these countries, often driven by environmental concerns. In the development of…

Journal Articles & Books
Diciembre 2016

Agriculture is major sector in the economy of Central Asia. The sustainable use of agricultural land is therefore essential to economic growth, human well-being, social equity, and ecosystem services. However, salinization, erosion, and desertification cause severe land degradation which, in…

Policy Papers & Briefs
Noviembre 2016

Policy recommendations on sustainable land management in Kazakhstan, including the costs and benefits of alternative management options. Conclusion: More sustainable land management in desert forests can lead to economic and environmental benefits

Conference Papers & Reports
Octubre 2016

Land degradation is a pressing concern that reaches
across all republics of Central Asia and is increasingly
affecting the economy and quality of life in each.
The resulting loss of arable land particularly affects
the rural poor, who depend directly on what

Policy Papers & Briefs
Octubre 2016

Policy recommendations on sustainable land management in Kyrgyzstan, including costs and benefits of alternative options. Conclusion: Summer pastures across the Kyrgyz Republic can provide greater economic and environmental benefits through improving pasture yields sustainably

Policy Papers & Briefs
Octubre 2016

Policy recommendations on sustainable land management in Turkmenistan, including the costs and beneifts of alternative options. Conclusiion: Rehabilitating pasturelands and undertaking sustainable land management in deserts across Turkmenistan brings both economic and environmental benefits

Training Resources & Tools
Octubre 2016

Agenda of the Closing workshop on 'the assessment of the economics of land degradation in Central Asia' project, on 28-29 November 2016

Journal Articles & Books
Julio 2016

Land degradation affects negatively the livelihoods and food security of
global population. There have been recurring efforts by the international community
to identify the global extent and severity of land degradation. Using the long-term
trend of biomass productivity as a…

Reports & Research
Mayo 2016

Land Economics/Use,