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Biblioteca Paradigm Case Illustrations of Incremental Cost Analysis

Paradigm Case Illustrations of Incremental Cost Analysis

Paradigm Case Illustrations of Incremental Cost Analysis

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Diciembre 1998
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The application of the incremental cost assessment to biodiversity has always been uncertain. This paper seeks to demonstrate that the concept is a workable one in biodiversity. This paper has a twofold aim:1. to make explicit the strategic and logical approach to incremental cost assessment- to demonstrate that it is replicable and applicable to all GEF projects2. to apply this strategic and logical approach to specific case examples (or paradigm cases)
- these paradigms will provide operational guidance at the more practical level
Most GEF projects to date have been conservation type projects, more amenable to rapid incremental cost procedures than to full treatment, and we have not been able to find good project examples where full incremental cost assessment has been demonstrated well. We are still finalizing some case studies for consideration and dissemination. In the meanwhile, we are presenting here some hypothetical paradigms which have been developed out of real cases. The paradigm cases represent different operational programs, and geographical regions and the data source for each could be (i) actual GEF projects; (ii) case studies; or (iii) hypothetical cases, based on experience.Case studies are:INSULAE PISCATORIAE: Provision of Fish Aggregation Devices to Protect a Threatened and Unique Fish Family, the Piscus unicus: part of a larger project in the Comoros IslandsModerating the Impact of Veterinary Fences to the Wildlife and Ecosystem of the Bos Delta: Okavango delta in Botswana Creation and Management of Biological Corridors between Protected Areas to Facilitate Biodiversity Conservation between Continental Land Masses, GautemalaIncorporating 'Indicator' Biodiversity Inventorying into Existing Commercial Inventorying, MalasyiaReducing Forest Fragmentation to Protect the Biodiversity of the Peat Swamp Forest, MalaysiaBiodiversity Conservation of the Titicaca-Desaguadero-Poopo- Salar De Coipasa (TDPS) Waterbasin, Peru / Bolivia

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