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Biblioteca Who owns the world's forests?

Who owns the world's forests?

Who owns the world's forests?

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Diciembre 2001
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This study examines land tenure data for 24 of the 30 most forested countries accounting for 93% of the worlds natural forest cover and examines global trends in forest ownership. The report also reviews the emerging evidence of the possibilities created by community forest ownership and management and concludes with a description of the data’s key implications and opportunities for key actors to address forest tenure issues.Data analysis focuses on the type and distribution of ownership of forest land and, given the high prevalence of ‘public’ ownership (at least as it is recorded in government data), the report also examines public forest concessions in 16 of the selected countries. To determine trends in forest ownership the report examines devolutionary or other legal reforms which recognise or strengthen community forest tenure or property rights. Case studies of differing approaches to managing the transition towards more community based management are presented from Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Bolivia and the Russian far east.Finally opportunities to improve forest management and conservation which this transitory phase presents are discussed. Among the needs identified are:Better knowledge on actual forest tenure claims, disputes and ownership Greater awareness of transition strategies, lessons and best practiceMajor investments to facilitate this transitionClarification and identification of property rights to ecosystem servicesMarkets and global finance must be creatively leveraged to support tenure reformsThe report also outlines roles for the various stakeholders including:Forest-dependent peoples Socially responsible forest industries Forest management certifying bodiesMultilateral development banks Investors Environmental NGOs Governments [The origional publisher no longer provides this document. This summary links to an alternative provider]

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