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Diciembre 2014
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Written primarily for land rights advocates in Asia, this publication compiles easy-to-read articles on how to effectively undertake land reform monitoring, which contributes to CSOs’ evidence-based advocacy. The articles are based on lectures and presentations from an ANGOC/Land Watch Asia training program in May 2013 on land reform monitoring. The training sessions built on NGO participants’ knowledge and skills on effective monitoring, focusing on research methods, policy analysis, report writing, and social media for advocacy.

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Land Watch Asia (LWA) is a regional campaign to ensure that access to land, agrarian reform, and sustainable development for the rural poor are addressed in national and regional development agenda. The campaign involves civil society organizations in seven countries – Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

MISEREOR is the German Catholic Bishops’ Organisation for Development Cooperation. For over 50 years MISEREOR has been committed to fighting poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America. MISEREOR’s support is available to any human being in need – regardless of their religion, ethnicity or gender.

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