Who’s Forest? Implications of Different Management Regimes for Sustainable Utilisation and Minimisation of Conflicts | Land Portal

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Diciembre 2005
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This Policy Brief presents some of the lessons learned from research work related to the search for appropriate mechanisms to manage forest resources, and conflicts arising from contested rights to forest resources in eastern and central Africa (ECA).

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Eastern and Central Africa Programme for Policy Analysis


The stated aim of Eastern and Central Africa Programme for Agricultural Policy Analysis (ECAPAPA) is to promote regional economic growth through application of growth-enhancing agricultural policies and, in the process, to help build a sustainable capacity in eastern and central Africa to utilise and contribute to agricultural policy research and analysis.

To accomplish its objectives and contribute to the overall goal, the Programme has three specific tasks:

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CGIAR is the only worldwide partnership addressing agricultural research for development, whose work contributes to the global effort to tackle poverty, hunger and major nutrition imbalances, and environmental degradation.

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