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The Act, consisting of 35 sections divided into six Parts and completed by three Schedules as follows: Preliminary (1); Appointment and functions of Commissioner (2); Soil conservation notices (2A); Areas of erosion hazard (3); Proclaimed works and catchment areas (Declaration of proclaimed works and constitution of catchment areas, Preservation of proclaimed works and catchment areas) (4); Advances for works of soil conservation and erosion mitigation (4A); General (Advisory committees, Soil conservation catchment committees and the Catchment Areas Protection Board) (V); Regulations (VI); Amendments of various Acts (VII). Powers, authorities, duties and functions of Commissioner are described in section 4C. Where a project has been instituted the Minister may, on behalf of the Crown, enter into such agreements with all or any of the respective owners, occupiers or mortgagees of the lands proposed to be dealt with under the project as may be necessary to ensure the carrying into effect of the project (sect. 11). Where the Minister is of the opinion that any tract of land is subject to erosion or is liable or likely to become liable to erosion and that such tract of land should be notified as an area of erosion hazard the Minister may, by notification published in the Gazette, and in a newspaper circulating in the locality in which such tract of land is situated give notice of a proposal that such tract of land should be notified as an area of erosion hazard.

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