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This Act provides for the administration of Stool and other lands. It is divided into 2 Parts: Administration (I) (Stool land, Kumasi town lands, Lands generally, Revenues); Miscellaneous (II). Stool lands are defined as including land controlled by any person for the benefit of the subjects or members of a Stool clan, company or community, and all land in the Upper and Northern Regions other than land vested in the President and accordingly "Stool" means the person exercising such control (sect. 31). The provisions on Stool land provide for power of the President to interfere into and settle proceedings relating to Stool lands and the Minister's power to decide whether lands are part of any 'traditional' area (sects. 2 and 3). Section 4 contains procedures to determine the extent of interest that a Stool has in land. The special provisions on the Kumasi Town lands empower the President to grant leases of one vacant plot within the Kumasi town lands for residential purposes to any person showing allegiance to the Asanthene for one shilling per annum. The President has the power to vest in him in trust any Stool land if it is in the public interest to do so (sect. 7). He may similarly authorize the occupation and use of any land to which the Act applies which is conducive to the Public welfare (sect. 10). The Act further provides, inter alia, for the disposition of Stool lands, limitation on mining and timber rights, unlawful occupation of land and revenues.

Implemented by: Administration of Lands Regulations, 1962. (1962-10-30)
Amended by: Lands (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1963. (1963-03-22)

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