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Biblioteca Land Ordinance (Cap. 68).

Land Ordinance (Cap. 68).

Land Ordinance (Cap. 68).
An Ordinance to regulate the alienation and occupation of Sttate lands.

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The Ordinance is divided into the following Parts: Preliminary (I); Country Lands (II); Town Lands (III); Native Lands (IV); Registration (V); Part VI has been repealed; Collection of Land Revenue (VII); Demarcation and Survey (VIII); Trespasses and Penalties (IX).The entire property in and control of State land or land reserved for a public purpose is vested in the Government. Subject to any general or special direction of the Minister, the Director of Lands and Surveys may alienate State land, according to the terms and conditions established in this Ordinance. The procedure for the alienation includes: (a) identification of the subjects to whom the land may be alienated; (b) application for State land; (c) enquiry as to native rights; (d) determination of compensation to be paid to natives by cash or by grant of land; (e) land survey by collectors of land revenue; (f) issuance of temporary occupation licences; (g) determination of land revenue to be paid before the issue of title; (h) revision of rent; (i) surrender of title. All coal, minerals, precious stones, mineral oils, edible birds' nests and guano, as well as the right to enter upon any lands for inspection purposes are reserved to the Government. Furthermore, the Ordinance states the power of the Yang di-Pertua Negara to reserve any State land for public or residential purposes, and establishes all the specific rights that are reserved to the Government (e.g., taking of timber and road-making material on payment of compensation, construction of sewers, irrigation works and survey stations, etc.).The principles governing the form and terms of lease as well as the use of land are based on the division of State land into (a) Country land, which means all State or alienated land not included within the boundaries of a town declared by the Minister under this or any previous Land Ordinance, and (b) Town land, i.e. all land included within the boundaries of a town declared under this or any other previous Land Ordinance.Further provisions concern the regulation of native lands, the registration of land, the collection of land revenue system and offences and penalties.

Amended by: Land (Amendment) Enactment 1996 (No. 2 of 1996). (1996-06-18)
Amended by: Land (Amendment) Enactment 1995 (No. 7 of 1995). (1995-06-29)
Amended by: Land (Amendment) Enactment 1997 (No. 4 of 1997). (1997-12-24)

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