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Biblioteca Land Survey Regulations 1961.

Land Survey Regulations 1961.

Land Survey Regulations 1961.

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For the purpose of implementing the Land Survey Act 1961, the Regulation establish in Part III, concerning field work, establishes, inter alia, the procedure, methods of measurement and the limit of allowable difference from the original survey. Part IV regards the placing of beacons, the marking of survey stations, the damage to and removal of trigonometrical stations, reference marks and bench marks, and the placing of reference marks. Part V establishes, among other matters, the nature, form and size of diagrams, co-ordinates, composite diagrams, diagrams for consolidate title, deductions, alterations, endorsements and certified copies of diagrams. Part VI establishes the circumstances in which a general plan is required, as well as the nature, form and size thereof and the data to be recorded. Miscellaneous provisions are contained in Part VIII, regarding tariff for surveys, taxation of accounts, fees of office and arbitration proceedings. First and Second Schedule concern tariff of fees.

Implements: Land Survey Act 1961 (No. 46 of 1961). (1961)

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