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Certain lands being at the time state forests are transferred to national park estate and Aboriginal ownership. The lands described in Schedule 3 that are within State forests are set apart as, or as part of, flora reserves under the Forestry Act 1916. Forest agreements may be made under Part 2 with respect to particular regions of the State. A forest agreement may only be made in respect of a region that has been the subject of a regional forest assessment carried out by or on behalf of the Resource and Conservation Assessment Council. A forest agreement must contain (but is not limited to) the following provisions with respect to land in the region: (a) provisions that promote ecologically sustainable forest management,(b) provisions with respect to sustainable timber supply from forestry operations covered by the agreement, (c) provisions with respect to community consultation on forestry operations and other matters covered by the agreement, (d) provisions with respect to arrangements made or to be made relating to native title rights and interests or Aboriginal land claims, (e) other provisions that the relevant Ministers consider appropriate and that are not inconsistent with this Act or any other Act or law relating to matters within their respective Ministerial portfolios. The purpose of Part 4 is to provide a framework for forestry operations to which this Part applies: (a) that is established in connection with a forest agreement made after forest assessments conducted by or on behalf of the Resource and Conservation Assessment Council and other environmental studies, and (b) that integrates the regulatory regimes for environmental planning and assessment, for the protection of the environment and for threatened species conservation.

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