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Biblioteca Agricultural Operation Practices Act (RSA 2000, c. A-7).

Agricultural Operation Practices Act (RSA 2000, c. A-7).

Agricultural Operation Practices Act (RSA 2000, c. A-7).

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Diciembre 1999
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This Act consists of 44 sections divided into 3 Parts. It regulates livestock and agricultural operations. It includes regulations for spreading manure or compost for all livestock operations in Alberta. The manure spreading regulations include requirements for manure incorporation, soil nitrogen and salinity limits, setback distances, record keeping and soil testing. The Natural Resources Conservation Board is responsible for the inspection, approval and authorization of livestock operations (for example seasonal feeding and bedding sites) and manure application. Part 1 deals with nuisance which includes an activity that (i) arises from unreasonable, unwarranted or unlawful use by a person of the person's own property that causes obstruction or injury to the right of another person or to the public and produces such material annoyance, inconvenience and discomfort that damage will result, (ii) creates smoke, odour, noise or vibration that interferes with the reasonable and comfortable use of a person's property, or (iii) is found to be a nuisance at common law. The Act provides for procedures to be followed in case of nuisance claims.

Implemented by: Agricultural Operations, Part 2 Matters Regulation (Alta. Reg. 257/2001) (2014)
Implemented by: Agricultural Operation Practices Act Administrative Procedures Regulation (Alta Reg. 106/2017). (2017)
Implemented by: Board Administrative Procedures Regulation (Alta Reg 268/2001). (2014)
Implemented by: Standards and Administration Regulation (Alta Reg 267/2001). (2014)

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