Law No.2417-XII of 1993 regarding the right to land property. | Land Portal

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The present Law establishes the form of land ownership, the base of origin, changes and cessation of land ownership, regulates the order of realization of the rights and the duties of landowners. The land relationship connected with privatisation of buildings, structures, and constructions belonging to state property are regulated by special acts related to land legislation. Land ownership in the Republic of Belarus is present in the forms of state and private ownership. There can be joint ownership of land irrespectively of the form of property on the basis of the right of common (shared or joint) property. The document consists of 20 Articles. Article 1 regards land ownership. Article 2 regards state land ownership. Article 3 regards private land ownership. Article 4 determines the subjects of the right to private land ownership. Article 5 deals with concession of the plots of land to foreign investors. Article 6 establishes the rights and the duties of the owners. Article 7 specifies the plots of land that can be conceded in private ownership. Article 8 specifies the plots of land that are not liable for allotment in private ownership. Article 9 determines the modalities of allotment of the plots of land belonging to state property into private property. Article 10 determines the modalities of the transactions with the plots of land. Article 11 regards land valuation. Article 12 deals with inheritance of the plots of land. Article 13 deals with the mortgage of the plots of land. Article 14 deals with the lease of the plots of land. Article 15 regards cessation of the right to private property on land. Article 16 deals with compulsory confiscation of the plots of land. Article 17 regards the transfer of land from private property into state property. Article 18 deals with land charges for the plots of land in private ownership. Article 19 regards dispute settlement. Article 20 regards international treaties.

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