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The purposes of the Act are to provide for pest management for land and for stock route network management, it consists of 333 sections and is divided into 11 Chapters. Chapter 1 concerns the purpose and application of the Act and clarifies the relationship of the Act with the Nature Conservation Act 1992, the Forestry Act 1959 and the Dividing Fences Act 1953. Chapter 2 is dedicated to pest management, it contains provisions on the principles for pest management (Part 1), on the state management strategies and guidelines for managing pests (Part 2), on pest management plans for local government areas (Part 4), on pest control for land (Part 8) and on emergency control of declared pests (Part 9). The Chapter also calls for the establishment of a pest management committee for State-controlled areas and provides for its organization and functions (Part 3) and regulates declared pest fences (Part 6) and declared pest permits (Part 7).Chapter 3 covers the management of the stock route network. It establishes the guiding principles of stock route network management (Part 1) and the State stock route management strategy (Part 2). Part 3 concerns management plans to be prepared by local governments, while Part 4 covers the procedure for “stock route agistment” permits and Part 5 that for stock route travel permits. Part 6 concern fencing of stock routes and Part 7 contains other provisions on, among others, water facilities agreements, travelling stock facilities and stray stock. Chapter 4 is dedicated to matters relating to local governments for the administration of the Act. Chapter 5 establishes and regulates the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Council (Part 1) and the Land Protection Fund (Part 2). Chapter 6 is dedicated to Pest Operational Boards, their establishment, organization, functions and powers. Chapter 7 concerns investigation and enforcement of the Act, Chapter 8 evidence and legal proceeding, Chapter 9 appeals. Chapter 10 contains miscellaneous provisions, among others on compensation and liability issues.

Implemented by: Stock Route Management Regulation 2003. (2016-06-17)
Implemented by: Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management - Yellow Crazy Ant) Emergency Pest Notice 2004. (2004-05-14)

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