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This Act provides for the establishment of coastal management program and the designation of coastal zone and special management areas and related matters. The American Samoa Coastal Management Program (ASCMP) is established as an office within the Executive branch. The Office of Development Planning shall be the designated territorial agency, as required by federal law, for the administration and implementation of Program. The general purpose of ASCMP is to provide effective resource management by protecting, maintaining, restoring, and enhancing the resources of the coastal zone. To achieve this purpose, specified areas shall receive special protection, strategies to cope with coastal hazards shall be developed, and activities affecting coastal zones shall be monitored and regulated (sect. 4). A land use permit shall be required for all uses, developments, or activities which impact the coastal zone (sect. 5). The Office of Development Planning holds exclusive authority to designate uses subject to land use permit requirements, and to approve land use permit applications. The Director of Development Planning shall have the power to issue "stop orders" and to adopt rules deemed necessary for the implementation of this Chapter (sects. 6 and 7). It shall be prohibited to fill, make deposits on, or in any manner create or attempt to create, artificial land, or augment or add to the natural shoreline of any coastal area without a land use permit or in violation of a permit. There is established an Environmental Restoration Fund that shall be used to further the monitoring, enforcement, hazard mitigation, and environmental restoration duties of the ASCMP. (10 sections)

Implemented by: Chapter 2 of Title 26 “Environmental Safety and Land Management” - American Samoa Coastal Management Program Administrative Rules. (2011-01-18)

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