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Biblioteca Trust Land (Olenguruone) Rules.

Trust Land (Olenguruone) Rules.

Trust Land (Olenguruone) Rules.

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These Rules regulate the possession, herding and grazing of stock in an area defined in Schedule 7 to the Government Lands Act. The Settlement Officer shall decide on the granting of licences for the possession, herding and grazing of any bull, cow, bullock heifer, calf, ox, sheep, goat, mule, donkey, swine or poultry and domestic animals and shall be assisted by a committee established under these Rules. The Settlement Officer shall keep a register of licensees. A licence shall entitle the holder to occupy land defined in the licence for the remainder of the holder's life, and thereafter the holder's nominated successor, but the right to occupy land shall be subject to conditions set out in these Rules.

Implements: Trust Land Act (Cap. 288). (1974)

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