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Biblioteca Trust Land (Shimba Hills) Rules.

Trust Land (Shimba Hills) Rules.

Trust Land (Shimba Hills) Rules.

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These Rules regulate the occupation of land and the possession, herding or grazing in an area defined in Schedule 7 to the Government Lands Act. A person shall only occupy land on the basis of a valid licence to be issued by the Settlement Officer of a valid lease. A licence shall also be required for the possession, herding or grazing of any bull, cow, bullock heifer, calf, ox, sheep, goat, mule, donkey, swine or poultry and domestic animals. The Settlement Officer shall keep a register of licensees. A licence may be terminated by the Settlement Officer and a licensee may appeal against a decision of the Settlement Officer with the Provincial Council. Where a licence is terminated the licensee shall remove himself, dependants and stock from the area.

Implements: Trust Land Act (Cap. 288). (1974)

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