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Biblioteca State Land and River Reserves Act (Cap. 228).

State Land and River Reserves Act (Cap. 228).

State Land and River Reserves Act (Cap. 228).

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This Act makes provision for the management and alienation of State land, for the appointment of forest rangers and for the protection of State lands and River Reserves.State land may be alienated by grant, sale or lease. State land may be sold by the President, with the exception of River Reserves belonging to the Republic. River Reserves are rivers and “rivulets” and adjacent areas listed in Schedule A to this Act. The Minister may, from time to time, add to or withdraw from the Schedule any watercourse. Public land shall be sold only by public auction except small plots, which may be sold by public contract. Land may also be given in lease or granted for a charitable purpose. Leases shall be granted by public auction, public tender or private contract. It shall not be lawful to grant jouissances on State Lands. Procedures of sale or lease are prescribed.Forest rangers shall be appointed by the President. They shall be subordinated to the Chief Agricultural Officer. The Chief Agricultural Officer may also appoint, on the request of landowners, keepers of forests, who shall have, within the limits of private forests, the same powers as forest rangers.Other provisions of this Act concern the protection of trees on River Reserves, authorization of the planting of trees on private River Reserves by the Chief Agricultural Officer, powers of the Minister and authorized officers and offences.

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