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This Chapter provides for the organization and administration of the Department of Agriculture and establishes the Plant Protection and Quarantine Revolving Fund, the Farmer's and Fishermen's Small Loan Revolving Fund and the Cooperative Association Revolving Fund, provides for the granting of loans and related matters and for protection of farming activities.The Department shall formulate Regulations dealing with quarantine, pest control, fishing, slaughtering dairy cattle and experimental dairy cattle, egg labelling, and meat inspection. Such Regulations shall be approved by the Director of the Department of Agriculture and require approval of the Governor who shall then promulgate them as Executive Orders. The Plant Protection and Quarantine Revolving Fund shall be used exclusively for agricultural quarantine purposes. The Farmer's and Fishermen's Small Loan Revolving Fund shall grant loans to farmers and fishermen of Guam. There shall be various classes of loans. The Cooperative Association Revolving Fund shall grant loans to farmers' and fishermen's cooperative associations. The Act protects bona fide farmers against changes in the usage of surrounding lands, zoning changes or other causes that may put pressure on the farmer to stop farming.

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Spain ceded Guam to the US in 1898. Captured by the Japanese in 1941, it was retaken by the US three years later. The military installations on the island are some of the most strategically important US bases in the Pacific.

Guam is a presidential democracy. Guam is a self-governing unincorporated territory of the US.

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