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Biblioteca Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

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This Act provides for the protection, recognition and conservation of Aboriginal cultural heritage in Victoria.The Act aims at promoting the management of aboriginal cultural heritage as an integral part of land and natural resource management; establishing a Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register; establishing processes for the timely and efficient assessment of activities that may harm Aboriginal cultural heritage; establishing mechanisms that enable the resolution of disputes relating to the protection of aboriginal cultural heritage; and providing appropriate sanctions and penalties.The Act sets out procedures for the preparation of cultural heritage management plans. It further provides for the establishment of the Aboriginal Heritage Council and defines its internal organization.

Implemented by: Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2007. (2016-08-02)
Implemented by: Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2018. (2018-03-23)
Amended by: Energy Resources Legislation Amendment Act 2010. (2010-09-14)

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