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Biblioteca Conservation and Land Management Act 1984 (Act No. 126).

Conservation and Land Management Act 1984 (Act No. 126).

Conservation and Land Management Act 1984 (Act No. 126).
An Act to make better provision for the use, protection and management of certain public lands and waters and the flora and fauna thereof, to establish authorities to be responsible therefore, and for incidental or connected purposes.

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This Act, consisting of 156 sections divided into twelve Parts and completed by one Schedule, establishes a comprehensive set of legislative provisions dealing with state conservation and land management matters. It establishes a number of statutory bodies including the Conservation Commission of Western Australia, the Marine Parks and Reserves Authority, and the Marine Parks and Reserves Scientific Advisory Committee, and it defines their composition, and functions and powers. Categories of land to which this Act applies comprise: State forest; timber reserves; national parks; conservation parks; nature reserves; marine nature reserves; marine parks; marine management areas; and any other land reserved under the Land Act 1933 and the Land Administration Act 1997.The Act provides for the vesting or reservation of land or waters, particularly State forests or timber reserve or marine parks or nature reserves or marine management areas, and the ability to enter into agreements with private landholders.The Act further provides for: the establishment of the Conservation and Land Management Executive Body; preparation of management plans to be approved by the Minister for Environment; financial resources; control and eradication of forest diseases; permits and licences for the sale of forest produce on or from crown land and for the use of land; forest leases; offences and enforcement powers of authorized officers; etc.

Implemented by: Conservation and Land Management Regulations 2002. (2016-08-30)
Implemented by: Forest Management Regulations 1993. (2012-12-07)

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