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This Act provides for the administration of land in Western Australia.The Act provides that the body corporate known as the Minister for Lands under the repealed Land Act will continue. The Minister will be authorized to set up the International Program Trust Account and shall have powers to acquire land in public interest, place positive and restricted covenants on land, constitute land districts and townsites, subdivide and develop Crown land, apply to the Registrar for the creation and registration of a certificate of Crown land title or qualified certificate of Crown land title in an approved form in relation to a parcel of Crown land, appoint land officers, etc.The Minister shall also have powers to, by order, set aside Crown land for reserves. Reserves on Crown land will be placed under the care, control and management of management bodies by the Minister and a management order may set out the power to lease, sublease, licence or mortgage that reserve.The Act makes provisions and sets out methods for the leasing and selling of land, and for the lease of pastoral lands. For this latter, the Act establishes a Pastoral Lands Board of Western Australia and defines its composition and functions as specified in the text.The Act further provides for: appeals to the Governor; provisions on roads, mall reserve and public access routes; a system of permits to facilitate multiple land use and diversification of activities under pastoral leases; the granting of easements on Crown land; compulsory acquisition of interests in land; assessment and payment of compensation; etc.

Implemented by: Land Administration (Land Management) Regulations 2006. (2015-07-21)
Implemented by: Land Administration Regulations 1998. (2016-09-06)

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