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Biblioteca Act on the protection of agricultural land.

Act on the protection of agricultural land.

Act on the protection of agricultural land.
Zákon o ochraně zemědělského půdního fondu.

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The purpose of this Act of the Czech National Council is to ensure protection of agricultural land which is a natural resource of the country, indispensable means enabling agricultural production and is one of the main components of the environment. Protection of agricultural land, its cultivation and rational utilization are the activities which also ensure the protection and improvement of the environment. The present Act is composed of 26 articles divided into the following Sections: Agricultural land (Sec. 1); Culture change on agricultural and non-agricultural land and farming on agricultural land (Sec. 2); Principles of agricultural land protection (Sec. 3); Protection of agricultural land (Sec. 4); Removal of soil from agricultural land (Sec. 5); Charges for removal of soil from agricultural land (Sec. 6); Authorities for agricultural land protection (Sec. 7); Special provisions (Sec. 8); Fines (Sec. 9); Common, transitional and final provisions (Sec. 10).

Implemented by: Decree establishing classes of land protection. (2011-02-22)
Implemented by: Decree laying down detailed rules for the protection of quality of agricultural land and amending Decree specifying some details of agricultural land resources protection. (2016-05-17)
Amended by: Act amending Act on the protection of agricultural land. (2015-03-06)

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