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This Land Law, consisting of 14 Chapters, divided into 223 articles, establishes the legal regime for land management, in particular for constitution, exercise, modification, transmission and extinction of the right of land use and exploitation within the State of the Special Administrative Region of Macau, (called RAEM). Land management, in particular land use and exploitation, follows several principles, such as: 1) Sustainability, promoting the coordinated and balanced development at socio-economic, historical, cultural environmental levels, to satisfy present and future generations; 2) Useful and effective land exploitation, guaranteeing an adequate and rational land use, optimizing the soil utilization; 3) Control, under the government who is entitled to make decisions over land concessions or occupied and apply if necessary relevant sanctions, according to this Law; 4) Public information, through transparence of administrative proceedings in order to facilitate the access of populations to information in land concession and occupation processes; 5) Equality in the access to land, through publicity and carry out competitions to offer land concession in equality conditions; 6) Safeguard, based on com base land management policy which obey to cultural heritage and environmental preservation and protection criteria; 7) Respect the urban land use planning; 8) Official information related to legal land situation, through the publication on the Macau Official journal; etc.

Amends: Decree-Law No. 43/97/M implementing Land expropriation legal regime for public use. (1997-10-20)

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