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This Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture, which is composed of 12 articles and five Annexes, implements the relevant regulations of the European Union and lays down the way of: (a) storage of fertilizers and excipients and capacity of storage space; (b) the use of fertilizers and excipients on agricultural land and forest land; (c) keeping records on the use of fertilizers, excipients and treated sludge; (d) reporting on the use of treated sludge. The storage is described individually for mineral fertilizers (art. 2), fertilizers of nitrate ammonium type (art. 3), liquid mineral fertilizers (art. 4), organic and mineral fertilizers (art. 5) and manure (art. 6).

Implements: Fertilizers Act. (1998-06-12)
Implements: Council Directive 91/676/EEC concerning the protection of waters against pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources. (1991-12-12)
Amended by: Decree amending Decree on the use and storage of fertilizers. (2017-07-31)
Repeals: Decree on the use and storage of fertilizers. (1998-11-12)
Repeals: Decree amending the Decree on the use and storage of fertilizers. (2007-04-23)
Repeals: Decree amending the Decree on fertilizers storage and methods of the use of fertilizers. (2009-09-30)

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