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Septiembre 1994
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The purpose of these Measures is to prevent and control water and soil loss, protect and rationally utilize water and soil resources, reduce floods, droughts, wind and sand disasters, improve the ecological environment, build ecological security barrier, and ensure the sustainable development of economy and society. The Text consists of 54 Articles divided into 7 Chapters: General Provisions (I); Planning (II); Prevention (III); Control (IV); Monitoring and Supervision (IV); Legal Liabilities (V); Supplementary Provisions (VI). The Measures provide for the preparation of water and soil conservation plans made based on the results of water and soil loss investigation and delimitation of key prevention areas and key control areas. The people's governments at or above the county level shall delimit and announce key prevention areas and key control areas according to the results of water and soil loss investigation. Where production and construction projects need to formulate water and soil conservation scheme in accordance with the law, the competent environmental protection authority shall, in the approval of the environmental impact assessment document, check the approval procedures of the water and soil conservation scheme. The People's Government of the Autonomous Region shall set up the ecological compensation mechanism for soil and water conservation. The Measures further provide for the monitoring and supervision of water and soil conservation and for legal liabilities.

Implements: Water and Soil Conservation Law of the People’s Republic of China. (2010-12-25)

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